Ceratek Technical Ceramic is a Chinese professional supplier of technical ceramic.

The product is used for wear resistance,corrosion resistance,high thermal resistance,electronic resistance and so on

Your any requirement,we can make special material such as porcelain, alumina, zirconia, zirconia-toughened ceramic, steatite, cordierite(iolite) ceramic ferrule,silicon carbide (SiC),e.t.c

So many kinds of producing process,including Hot die cast,dry press,extrude,inject,tap casting,isostatic pressure so on

Our Value: Creativity+Technology+Quality=The Leading Edge Value Added Products  The Improvements Never End

Welcome your inquiry including drawing,function requirement,tolerance,material,flatness, 

surface finish,our experienced ceramic expert will calculate competitive price and tell best way of operating project

welcome to visit our introduction and new photo for Reaction Bonded silicon carbide ceramic.Please click below link

Reaction Bonded silicon carbide ceramic

silicon carbide ceramic

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