alumina ceramic ring tube for thermostat

alumina ceramic ring tube for thermostat,technical ceramic,temperature control

The temperature controllers,manufactured with 95% alumina,have revolutionary breakthrough if compared with traditional plastic parts.They are highly improved in strength,insulation performance,heat resistant performance,especially sensitivity to temperature

The main advantage for our products:

1, low dielectric loss, do not have moisture absorption;

2, higher volume resistivity and dielectric strength;

3, excellent mechanical strength, fracture toughness;

4, good chemical stability and thermal stability;

5, high size precision, no deformation, convenient assembly;

6, endure high pressure,normally do not have air hole;

7, color does not change yellow in high temperature.

Size of temperature controller series
Name               Outside diameter Internal diameter Height
Thick ceramic ring      12           7.5                4.1
Thin ceramic ring       12           7.5                  3
Ceramic Pipe            7.3           5.3                13
Connection post         3                                11
Top post                2                                10
Stalk holder           15/14.3       11.8              9.65

Mainly used for electronic control, lighting and electrical temperature control and other industries