silicon carbide desulfurization nozzle

reaction bonded silicon carbide desulphurisation nozzle is the key component of the complete set of desulphurisation and dedusting device for thermal power plants and large boilers and the Flue Gas desulfurization System(FGD nozzle) in power generations.Domestic production of reaction bonded silicon carbide desulfurisation nozzle, gradually replacing imported products, and at the same time has a high strength, high hardness, resistance to strong corrosion, intense wear and tear, high temperature resistance and other excellent performance, in the harsh conditions have a long service life. Silicon carbide spiral nozzle in the chemical industry, environmental protection, electric power, textile and many other industrial fields, especially the flue gas desulphurisation and dust removal industry is widely used.We can make sic desulphurization nozzles according to your requirement!

Silicon carbide desulphurisation nozzle, spiral desulphurisation nozzle, flue gas desulphurisation nozzle performance characteristics:

(1) Spray pattern has two kinds of solid cone and hollow cone, high efficiency, large spray angle, anti-clogging;

(2) Liquid (or slurry) through the continuous small spiral surface cut and collision, into tiny liquid beads sprayed to form a mist;

(3) The design of this kind of silicon carbide nozzle is compact, with a smooth and non-clogging coreless straight-through flow channel design, which allows the liquid to reach the maximum flow rate in a given size of pipe;

(4) The streamlined design of the nozzle chamber from inlet to outlet makes the resistance coefficient lower;

(5) The spray droplet distribution for sisic ceramic nozzle is well-distributed, can get excellent coverage surface, smooth flow, no blocking phenomenon. In the high temperature, high wear, high corrosion, strong chemical poor working environment, this kind of silicon carbide ceramic has a long service life.

silicon carbide nozzle

silicon carbide desulfurization nozzle