Quality Control

You can download our SGS ROHS certificate for checking 
sgs-rohs(PDF file).pdf

Ceratek takes a system approach to manage so that a consistent product is delivered according to your requirement:

Confirm the requirements of the customer, including the requirements for delivery,packing,the drawing,the tolerance,the alumina content,the flatness,the surface finish,the function and so on.Also we provide the idea for your design.

Ceratek will review the requirements related to the product.Then ensures the requirements are defined and we have the ability to meet the defined requirements

The above information will be used to manufacture products with current and accepted manufacturing methods that meet customer’s requirements

During prodction,we control carefully and keep communication with the clients.

After production we discuss the feedback from productive department and the clients
Then we file the customer information including the order requirement so that we improve in the future

Our goal is provide the highest quality products with best service and good delivery time that meet customer requirements; provide continuous improvements in methods and processes and products; work according to an environmentally friendly way of recycling products in all phases of manufacture and use

After the ordered has been confirmed,Service Process Diagram is as follows:
To confirm the requirement
To allocate production tasks
To surpervise productive process
To deliver the goods and settle accounts
To discuss the feedback from productive department and clients
To file the customer information including order requirement,production process
To make Improvement plan

In order to ensure better quality, we carry out five processes test below:
1. Material inspection and sample test
2. Semi-manufactured goods inspection
3. process control and inspection
4. Finished products inspection
5. Shipment inspection

Preparation of raw materials(such as ball milling,material drying,spray tower)

Forming(such as hot press casting,die press,extrude,inject,tap casting,isostatic pressure)

Green body Processing(such as cutting stamping drilling turning sawing)

Sintering(such as electric cellar or gas cellar or tunnel kiln)

Precision processing(such as CNC grinding)

Post process(such as product shaker,ultrasonic clearing)

Inspection(such as rockwell hardness,micoscope,roughness tester,density test,alumina content test)

RBSIC silicon carbide ceramic

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