Reaction Bonded silicon carbide

Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide(RBSIC or SISIC) has series of superiority and characteristic such as high strength,extreme hardness,wear resistance,high temperature tolerance,corrosion resistance,oxidization resistance,thermal shock resistance,high thermal conductivity,low coefficient of thermal expansion,creep resistance under high temperature and so on.

The bending strength for Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide Ceramic is two times of Recrystallization Silicon Carbide Ceramic,is about 1.5 times of Silicon Nitride bond Silicon Carbide Ceramic.They are mainly made by slip casting with our special sintered technologies and superior advanced machinining ability.In this way,complex shapes and superior sizes with tight tolerances can be realized.

Many products can be made from it such as beams,rollers,cooling pipes,thermal couple protection tubes,temperature measuring parts,sealing parts,burner nozzles,radiation pipes,saggers and batts,special linings,desulphurization nozzles,sandblasting nozzles,crucibles, heat exchanger,furnace tubes,cones,eblows,double direction nozzles,liquidcolumn nozzles,spiral nozzles,cantilevers paddles,cross beams,and special shaped structure parts.

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Also we can provide silicon carbide powder,we use these powder to make silicon carbide ceramic

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Also we can make many kinds of silicon carbide ceramic according to your requirement!

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Reaction Bonded silicon carbide

silicon carbide heat exchangerReaction Bonded silicon carbide ceramic

Reaction Bonded silicon carbide ceramics

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