Cordierite ceramics

Cordierite ceramics,alumina ceramic,technical ceramic,alumina

The main chemical ingredient of cordierite is 2MgO∙2Al2O3∙5SiO2,main material is steatite、clay、alumina、feldspar,etc.
Made by normal ceramic technic,such as dry press by press machine
They can be used for loop framework,insulators of arc-resistance、element of composite materials、burnable nozzle of electrical insulators,and etc.
Color:white,light yellow and so on

Main chemical ingredient  2MgO∙2Al2O3∙5SiO2
Bulk density  2.5gm/cc
Maximum use temperature  1300℃
Water absorption  0%
Hardness  800HV
Bending Strength  900Kgf/㎝2 (20℃)
Compressive Strength  3500Kgf/㎝2 (20℃)
Coefficient of thermal expansion ≤2.0(1×10-6/℃)
Dielectric constant  6(1MHz.25℃)
Dielectric strength  10 ac-KV/mm(ac V/mil)
Volume Resistivity >1012 ohm-cm(20℃)