Wear resistant ceramic lining cylinder

Wear-resistant alumina ceramic pipe. (Al2O3: 92%, 95%)

Wear-resistant alumina pipe with excellent characters:
-high purity alumina,
- high density,
- excellent wear-resistance,
- excellent wear-corrsion,
-smooth inner and outer wall,
-with good tolerance,
-easy installation,
-reduced maintenance.
this kind of alumina tube has excellent wear protection performance for the equipment.

It has solved the hard problem in the wear resistance of industrial piping, since its emergence it has replaced the elbow and piping made of traditional materials in the air feeding system of most industries, for example thermal power, metallurgy, steel, coal, cement and chemical industrial. The users proved that the working life of equipment can be prolonged by more than 10 times by using of the abrasion-resistant ceramic piping.

We are able to make according to the client's drawing.