PWHT alumina ceramic beads

PWHT alumina ceramic beads,technical ceramic, Flexible Ceramic Pad Heater

Made by special way,the density is higher

Made by special material of 95% alumina,in this way,the heat treatment is better

Precise Mold control so that the tolerance is strict

Technical data

Density 3.65-3.7g/cm3
Alumina content 95%
Hardness(Mohs) 9
Rockwell hardness(HRA) over 75
Compression strength : 2000 MPa
Safety working temperatures : over 1500
Thermal Conductivity   23 W/mK
Flexural Strength 340 Mpa

Properties: High density, good apprearance and high alumina content, excellent thermal condictivity and heat transfer,  excellent insulating property  and higer surface finish and good unifomity ,resistance against thermal shock and mechanical abuse.

Application:This special sintered alumina ceramic beads as components of ceramic pad and channel heaters can be used for pre and post-heaters welding applications,Welding process, stress-relieving, pre-heating & post heating, ship-building, other resistance-heating environment

All flexible ceramic pad heaters are constructed of 80/20 Nickel/Chrome multi-strand wire, insulated with interlocking sintered alumina pink ceramic beads, nickel cold tail wire, and two Male Camlocks.

Ceramic beads (pink or white)
*Main body bead   *Main body bead with hole *Male end bead   *Female end bead   *Tail bead  


pwht ceramic beads