ZTA ceramic


Zirconia Toughened Alumina – ZTA

Zirconia Toughened Alumina (ZTA) ceramic show considerable improvement in strength and toughness over alumina ceramics.Typical content is from 10% to 20% zirconia. When a crack grows through the ceramic,the zirconia particles rystal structure in the region of the crack changes from the metastable tetragonal phase to the stable monoclinic phase.The change increases the volume of the particles by about 3-4% and produces compressive stresses in the alumina matrix. These stresses in turn close the crack and act as an energy barrier to further crack growth. The addition of zirconia to the alumina matrix increases fracture toughness by two times and can be improved by as high as four times, while strength is more than doubled.ZTA components are more expensive than those in alpha alumina. However, they have cost effective solutions for demanding environments because of increased component life and performance

we can also make ZTA ceramic(Zirconia toughened alumina based ceramic) according to your requirement.

Below is the photo for ZTA ceramic lining for wear resistant which contain about 20% zirconia and 80% alumina.The size is 150*100*50mm

zta ceramic