silicon carbide nozzle


Silicon carbide nozzle for desulfurization can serve a long time ,about 10-20 times longer than common metal ,4-7 times longer than alumina,especially suitable to serve in harsh conditions.silicon carbide nozzles are key components of the complete set of equipment for dust removal,flue gas desulphurization,flue gas cleaning,fgd system,sprayer nozzles,air nozzles and denitration in coal-fired power plants,steel mills,large boiler and other large coal-fired equipments.

The upward spraying cone accomplishes two objectives: 1.) reduces the pressure drop across the absorber 2.) increases the average droplet residence time. The rbsic ceramic nozzle is also available with unequal flows in the cones such as 70% upward spraying and 30% downward spraying.

We specialize in the production of reaction bonded silicon carbide nozzle. All the sisic ceramics can be customized according to your requirements.We are wholehearted to provide you with high quality sic nozzle.Thanks for enquiry!

sic ceramic nozzle

silicon carbide nozzle