Wear Resistant Elbows


Wear Resistant Elbows
1. The Manufacturing Process of Wear Resistant Ceramic Lined Steel Pipe and Elbows:
a new generation of abrasion and corrosion resistant engineering pipeline which are produced in a way of Self-propagating High-temperature Synthetic process.

Wear resistant elbows are composed of three layers: ceramic, intermediate, and steel layers. The ceramic layer is formed by molten alumina at a temperature above 2500 degree.


The molten alumina produced from the reaction Fe2O3+2Al=2Fe+Al2O3 spreads on the inside wall of the steel pipe under the influence of a centrifugal force, then solidifies, so the ceramic layer has high density and smooth surface and bonds to the elbow.

2.Features of Alumina Ceramic/Technical Ceramic

Alumina is a cost effective and widely used material in the family of engineered ceramics. Alumina ceramics have been developed and optimized for maximum wear resistance and corrosion resistance. A high density, diamond like hardness,fine grain structure and superior mechanical strength are the unique properties that make it the material of choice for a wide range of demanding applications.Ceramic has uses similar to Cast Basalt but it has greater resistance to wear in high velocity applications and impact resistance in extreme dynamic systems .

3.Product: Wear Resistant Elbows/Bends
Size: DN40-DN600
Wall Thickness: 3-10mm
Housing Material: Seamless Carbon Steel
Inner Material: 95% Alumina Ceramic
Ceramic Thickness: 3 to 6 mm
Normal Operation Velocity: 20-35m/s
Normal Operation Temperature: -50---800degree

4.Obvious performance of wear resistant elbows :
1. Heat-resistance, -50 - 800 Celsius degree
2. Easy Installation and Anti-Scaling
3. Abrasion-Resistance and hardness, is above 9.0
4. Corrosion-Resistance,10 times of stainless steel pipe.Economical Cost, 20-30% lower than that of anti-abrasion alloy steel elbows.

5.Application Fields
Paper Making: For conveying pulp.
Shipping: For clearing shipping channels and sediment transportation.
Metal Mines: For conveying tailings, concentrates